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International Professionals Inc

Your connection to Madison's global community


Welcome to International Professionals Inc - Madison's window to the world

A final Thank You to all the people who attended our last IPA happy hour at Sardines.

Many people showed interest in continuing to meet on a monthly basis, and although IP has officially folded as an organization, a member of IP has started a new Meetup group with a new name called: 
International Connections 
of Madison - Connecting Madison’s Global Professional Community.

Refer to the link to join:

Thank you for your continued interest.

IPA Board

Who are we?
International Professionals, Inc is a networking and professional development organization.
We focus on serving the unique and diverse needs of global citizens living in the greater Madison, Wisconsin area.
Our members include foreigners and Americans that have had experience abroad or that want to increase their connections with professionals from all over the world.

We provide regular social and professional networking opportunities to connect people from a broad range of cultural backgrounds and experiences.
International Professionals Inc aims to build a strong sense of community amongst globally minded people - one that many can consider to be their diverse multicultural family.
Join us for one of our upcoming events to meet this fun and interesting group!

Upcoming events

Important Announcement!!

IP will be holding its Final Happy Hour next Month  

Wed. April 9, 2014 at Sardines

After many deliberations, the board has decided to bring IP to a close.

We came to the conclusion that the organization had run its course and was no longer sustainable. So help us bid farewell to IP next month.

Thanks to our members for attending and we hope you enjoyed meeting each other.

Likewise, a special thanks to Nicole Ponzio Ralph for founding the organization

Member news

Special thanks to all our sponsors that make our great events possible.

Check out more on the IP Facebook page


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